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As Of Thursday October 6th 2016



Thank You for all of your support throughout the years

Due to a high increase in our lease agreement the company made it impossible for us to stay in business.  The leasing company would not negotiate a rate that was amicable.

It is a sad day for RBI as so many kids, adults, employees and trainers are affected.  This all could have easily been avoided had the leasing company worked with us to make it feasible for us to continue providing the best baseball facility in Sonoma County.


From all the employees and trainers to all of you.







Helping Raise the Quality of Baseball In Northern California.

Career Highlights

Drafted 1st Round in 1990 by the St. Louis Cardinals.
Played 10 years MLB for the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs New York Yankees
Rookie of the Year St. Louis Cardinals 1992 & 4th Overall in the National League.
Won the National League Division with St. Louis Cardinals in 1996.
USA National Team vs Japan
3 Time NCAA All American 88-90 at UNLV.
NCAA Player of the Year 1989 while attending UNLV.


An ownership of knowledge regarding the task at hand.
It is our purpose to instill this knowledge in you, the student athlete.  
There’s one absolute common denominator among successful people: 
CONFIDENCE about what they’re doing.  When you know what you're doing, 
you become a force on the field!     

Baseball professionals teaching in a quality environment with a curriculum that will evolve the student to their highest potential.  One simple word, one powerful message: SWAGGER. 

It's the foundation upon which all the principals of what RBI are built on. We attempt to encapsulate the concept of Swagger in baseball and motivational instruction. Our intention as a baseball program is to build the whole player - physically, mentally, and emotionally. This creates successful players whose Swagger is clearly seen in the confidence they exude in life.  We offer the best instructional information and present it to players with consistency and passion.  Donovan Osborne along with his team of professional trainers believe that teaching is a skill that instills Swagger as one masters themselves. Athletic success goes far  beyond physical training,  it is a way of being emotionally, mentally and physically. 


Objective Measurement.
“If you want to improve something, you must measure it!” 
We are dedicated to finding ways to objectively measure, record and track everything in our students, that we believe to be important or vital to a their  success. Most people falter and ultimately fail because they are far too SUBJECTIVE regarding their improvement. Subjectivity will get you off track. You don’t want to ‘think’ you are improving or assume you are improving, you want the incontrovertible proof. At Redwood  Baseball Institute (RBI) we are constantly trying to find ways to assess and measure our players’ progress. For us, that search will never end. 

One Size Does Not Fit All
At Redwood Baseball Institute we will NOT strictly choreograph, clone, or cookie cut players according to one ideal mechanical style. Any program that tries to strictly choreograph, clone, or cookie cut an athlete will ultimately fail the athletes who don’t fit inside the model’s strict constraints – which will mean MOST athletes. Cookie cutting or teaching a particular style is much easier for the coach, but not the player. Every athlete is unique and comes with their own gifts and strengths, as well as, constraints and limitations. Every athlete will be required to adjust or transform their program as they develop. The processes that were great today will need to be altered or modified tomorrow to insure challenge and growth. Therefore ONE size doesn't even fit ONE, let alone all. 

Pitching/Hitting Drills
Many baseball instructors have developed drills that teach positions over space and time that lead to stiff, robotic, and un-athletic swings/deliveries. The drills we utilize at Redwood Baseball Institute teach players movement segments over positions. We believe that teaching the baseball athlete movements leads to more explosiveness, athleticism, and efficiency at the plate and/or on the mound. We also understand that every individual is unique and our drills allow them to develop their own personal signature to their swing/delivery. Teaching positions is another way to choreograph baseball players and force them into positions that could potentially be unnatural and awkward for most of the athletes. 

Wake Up/Warm Up
“You can’t recruit muscles that aren't awake” 
Our athletes will always go through an active feet to fingertip warm up which helps them develop their fundamental and skill specific movement patterns. In order to recruit our fast twitch muscle fibers, we first need to wake up the body properly. This warm up also helps players improve their stability, mobility, structural alignment, and any asymmetries/strength imbalances that may be constraining their performance. 

Agility Training
As baseball players, we need to be able to move our body in one direction and immediately take that energy and change directions immediately. The agility training focuses on change of direction movement and skill specific coordination helping players get more explosive, athletic, and stronger in the core/pelvic region of their body.

Arm Care
Arm care is critical in the preparation of our pitchers to maximize their growth and performance. Arm care serves a dual purpose as both a pre-throwing and post-throwing activity. You will see that the arm care done at Redwood Baseball Institute focuses on more than just warming up and strengthening the soft tissue of the shoulder and the elbow. We need to improve our strength and flexibility in a number of other areas in order to protect the ligaments in the shoulder/elbow. All Pitchers are requested to ice after each lesson.  Ice bags are always available at our front counter.

Skill Specific Strength and Conditioning 
The movements involved in hitting and pitching are very complex patterns that involve the entire body not just one part of the body. As a result, we shouldn't be going to the gym attempting to train one or two parts of our body. We should be using full body movements in our training that work on improving our power, speed, strength, stability, and flexibility. Everything we do in our strength and conditioning focuses on the core/pelvis, and nearly all of the exercises we do relate to the movements we use on the mound or at the plate.


Welcome to RBI's Indoor Batting Facility

We have 3 instructional areas: Hitting, Pitching and Soft Toss area for the little ones.

9 Automatic Batting Cages with 16 Pitching Machines, speeds ranging from 35 mph (for beginning little league) to 85 mph (for advanced players)

3 Softball Pitching Machines with Softball fast pitch and Lob

Dedicated area for parties (more information under the party tab)

Lounge area with high def. Flat Screen TV, tables and chair

Private and Group Lessons: Hitting, Pitching, Catching and Defensive Skills
Team Rentals: Automatic Batting Cages and Instructional Areas

18 Pitches per Token
1 Token:          $2.00     Just for Fun
5 Tokens:        $9.50     Good Workout
11 Tokens:      $20.00   Good Value
20 Tokens:      $35.00   Most Popular
30 Tokens:      $50.00   Best Value

Team Rentals
Automatic Cages:    $40.00 for 1/2 hour
                              $60.00 for 1 hour

Pitching Area:          $30.00 for 1/2 hour
                               $60.00 for 1 hour

Hitting Area:             $30.00 for 1/2 hour
                               $60.00 for 1 hour

Soft Toss Area:        $30.00 for 1/2 hour
                               $60.00 for 1 hour




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917 A Piner Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


NEW Summer
Hours of Operation:

Mon. – Fri.      1:00 PM to 8:00 PM  
Saturday        10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday           11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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